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Motoclick is the first courier network focused on Ghost kitchens and large restaurants!

Our technology and experience allow us to be more efficient and we save your business thousands of dollars in commissions from delivery applications using our courier network.

Our app integrates quickly with apps like uber eats, doordash, grub hub, and others!

See about Our robot delivery Rd2

We have created the first semi-autonomous delivery robot in Manhattan with a social and sustainable focus.


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MotoClick offers the most user-friendly interface on the market that makes dispatching orders a breeze. We use artificial intelligence so you can take a photo of the ticket and the order is generated automatically, just signup and start motoclicking!
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We charge a small fee for deliveries, but it's nothing compared to the high commission fees of other delivery services. Plus, we offer a free trial period so you can see for yourself how much you can save!
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the solution to small and big problems

We know and solve the inconveniences of the day to day

Tracking, simplified

Making sure you receive your package safe and sound is a priority for us. That’s why we offer you an SMS notification for every order, so you’ll know exactly when it arrives.

Phone calls or social media orders? No problem!

If you have an order by phone or social media, simply take a picture of the order and we’ll automatically generate an order in Motoclick! Quickly approve the order and the delivery person will be at your doorstep in less than 15 minutes.


Motoclick is focused on Ghost Kitchens or large Restaurants that need personalized solutions and also continuous monitoring.

99% on-time deliveries

We send up to 2,75 miles away, which means you get all the benefits of food delivery without compromising on a fast customer acquisition.

Convincing offer!

We are convinced that it is worth investing in our services: save commissions by choosing the self delivery option in third-party apps. our drivers have backpacks to transport all kinds of food to pizzas with high efficiency

Fast & reliable

Do you want a last mile solution that’s easy and affordable?

the solution to small and big problems

Do you want a last mile solution that's easy and affordable?

MOTOCLICK is a true ally of your Ghost kitchen or Restaurant, only worry about cooking and selling more, we will focus on being fast and efficient!

Reduce costs

We know that this is your priority, that is why you must trust the only intelligent network of couriers with years of experience and the best software that allows more efficient and cheaper deliveries for your business.

If you switch to Self delivery in all the delivery applications you work with and use our delivery network, you will save thousands of dollars immediately.

Products in good condition

We have the necessary backpacks so that your food always arrives at the right temperature and without damage, in case of any contingency we guarantee 100% of our deliveries.

Best Times

We guarantee good times and we give you full transparency of the daily delivery time and of each order that we carry.

Immediate support

We know how annoying it is to contact a corporation that does not have the capacity to solve the problems that it causes or simply to answer our call quickly, we work with few but with the best Large restaurants and we will always have time to serve you optimally.


We don't say it, our clients say it.

“Since I use motoclick my sales have increased 18% in the last 3 months, especially in the north west”

Eder Hernandez

“Before i had to wait up to 50min to dispatch my orders, now with motoclick I can increase my express orders because the times are shorter and more efficient”


“Is the only service that allows you to work until midnight, we increase our business hours to find more sales opportunities thanks to motoclick

Greg l.

“I always had problems delivering pizzas in other companies with motoclick. I’m sure they will arrive well thanks to their special backpacks; my customers are happy!”.



Save money with our competitive rates:

Download our app for iOS or Android and get instant access to all of our services. Our app is easy-to-use, has a responsive interface.

We provide a wide range of packages to suit any budget, so you can get started with motoclick today!

frequent questions

This can vary depending on the number of platforms that I want to implement, it can be from 2 days onwards.

YES! you just have to download the app and start doing the orders on your own, as simple as taking a photo of the ticket so that it is generated automatically. Then you must enter the data of your credit card and the debit is automatic in each order.

Yes, our MOTOCLICK team will be personally in your store carrying out the entire process step by step, until everything is perfect and our team will even accompany the operation to verify and accommodate some peculiarities of your business

Contact the phone number: 917 4433070 or send an email to: request the visit of a MOTOCLICK agent to your store.



Earn money handing out with MotoClick

ready to start?

Ready to start selling more with MOTOCLICK?

We know that it is important for you that everything is perfect, that is why our team will be in charge of being with you personally step by step! Consult your free trial and schedule an appointment with us. MOTOCLICK delivery well done!


Request a visit from one of our agents in your store.